On June 2011 , the Lazio Region, in an effort to promote and exploit its own artistic handcraft workshops, has included our business in a list of craftman's studios  with "Aesthetic and Cultural High Value" (see the document).

On October 2012 the Lazio Region allow us to use the Artistic Traditional Quality Certificate.

See our Curriculum Vitae.

Our works have often aroused the interest of newspapers and art magazines.
Some of the articles are quoted below.

Ristruttura Case&Casali
Jun-Jul 2006
(High Resolution)

Recent Events

Ristrutturare con Casa Chic
Set-Oct 2008

Ristrutturare con Casa Chic Nov-Nov - Dec 2008
(High Resolution)
Corriere di Viterbo
5 March 2009
Ristrutturare con Casa Chic
Jan-Feb 2009
(High Resolution)



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