The following images show the various stages in the creation of some of our works, whether originals or restorations, carried out according to traditional canons and techniques. Our craftsmanship caters to the specific needs of each customer. Each object is custom-made and can be fashioned on a drawing or photograph and executed in a choice of materials ranging from marble to stone or terracotta.

Rieti - Piazza di Palazzo Sanizi - Travertine fountain

Bust of Emperor Hadrian

Sculpturing a peperino statue

Tarquinia - Fountain Restoration

The carving of a peperino fireplace "jamb"

The carving of a peperino coat of arms

Renaissance Peperino Fireplace

Carrara's Marble Sculpture


Planning and execution of a model
Once the size has been decided upon, we set to work on the external blocks
The central form begins to take shape under the blows of the chisel
All components are assembled in the workshop for one last check
The fountain in its permanent setting

Rieti - Piazza di Palazzo Sanizi
Travertine fountain
from a drawing to its final collocation

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